Frequently asked questions

  • What IPs CodeTasty uses to connect to workspaces and should be whitelisted?

    You should whitelist IPs:

    All regions:
    US West:

  • How to create a new workspace?

    See this documentation post.
  • Are my workspace's credentials secure?

    The credentials used to connect to your workspace are encrypted with master password and your personal password and then stored securely to our database, so nobody else can see it or use it.

  • What is Sandbox workspace?

    Sandbox is workspace type provided by CodeTasty. It's limited to frontend programming, you can't open Terminal, use Runners or execute scripts (like PHP, Ruby, Python, ...). You can access Sandbox from browser via URL displayed under workspace settings.

  • What is a system check?

    CodeTasty should connect and work with most of the SSH and FTP servers normally, but some use special configuration or don't support a specific feature. System check will verify connection with server, OS, features, etc. So if you had issues with your workspace (e.g. file tree not working), system check might help you resolve them.