Frequently asked questions

Top questions
  • How I can update my profile?

    Click on the menu icon in the top right corner and go to Settings.
  • Where I can find my public SSH key?

    Go to profile settings and in the left menu select SSH Keys.
  • What IPs CodeTasty uses to connect to workspaces and should be whitelisted?

    You should whitelist IPs:

    All regions:
    US West:

  • How to create a new workspace?

    See this documentation post.
  • Is there a way to restore deleted file?

    If you deleted your file, you can still restore it with Revisions.

    1. Create a file with the same name
    2. Click File - Revision history
    3. Select version to restore
  • Are my workspace's credentials secure?

    The credentials used to connect to your workspace are encrypted with master password and your personal password and then stored securely to our database, so nobody else can see it or use it.

  • How I can collaborate on file with others?

    You can allow collaboration globally in the Home - Settings - Editor or allow collaboration for single file by right clicking on it and selecting Open with collaboration.

  • What are the requirements to use IDE?

    You can use IDE on any operating system, but currently we only support Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers. No other software is required.

  • How does collaboration work?

    CodeTasty provides smart collaboration tools, you can chat with others, share workspaces, see file tree updates, edit code together in real-time.

  • How to enable real-time code collaboration?

    By default you only see file tree updates in real-time, but code collaboration is disabled as not everyone needs it and because it uses more of your CPU, RAM and network traffic. To enable it go inside IDE to Home (right sidebar) -> Settings (top bar) -> Editor and then toggle on the Collaboration.